The Property

Winemaker Zach Long once aptly described C.S. Ridge Vineyard — one of the highest points on the Kunde Estate — as windswept and wildly beautiful. This majestic landscape is at the very heart of what we do.

The Kunde Estate is a remarkable and diverse 1,850-acre property with dramatic shifts in topography. It stretches along 2 miles of the scenic Sonoma Highway, rises 1,400 feet above the valley floor, and spans across rolling hills into the bordering Mayacamas Mountain range. Vineyard locations, featuring 20 different varietals, vary from valley floor to hillside and mountain sites. Although there are a variety of soil types throughout the estate, the majority of the property sits on a volcanic band of “Red Hill” soil derived from lava flows formed 5 million years ago. The rust red soil is renowned for producing complex, intriguing wines.

With less than 40% of the estate planted to vineyards, the remaining native habitat is integral to the health and vitality of the entire property. Our sustainable winegrowing practices work in concert with five distinct ecosystems within the estate: riparian, aquatic, oak woodlands, native grasslands and chaparral.