The Vineyards

Estate Grown, Sonoma Valley Appellation

The breathtaking Sonoma Valley winegrowing region, home to the Kunde Family Winery, is highly acclaimed for a reason. It provides the perfect climate for growing balanced, evenly ripened fruit. Mountain ranges protect vineyards from extreme weather off the Pacific Ocean, while southerly winds and coastal evening fog moderate warmer temperatures throughout the sun-drenched valley. The valley floor, hillside and mountainside vineyards found on our estate experience varying degrees of fog, wind and sun exposure during the growing season. The geographic and climatic diversity of Sonoma Valley results in age-worthy wines of great complexity and structure, from elegant, balanced reds to delicate, vibrant whites. Our estate terrain, combined with this ideal climate, allows us to consistently offer a diverse portfolio of 100% estate produced wines.


We are fortunate to offer such a diverse portfolio of 100% estate produced wines. Ultimately, we let the estate decide which varietals are best suited for each of the seven microclimates on our property. The intricacy of this landscape provides a perfect backdrop for a range of varietals to thrive, each handpicked as an ideal match for the estate terroir. As a result, we focus on Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Chardonnay for our white wine program, and Merlot, Syrah, Barbera, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon for our red wine program.

Flagship Vineyards

The Kinneybrook Chardonnay vineyard has been shaped over time by a migrating creek bed on the north side of our estate, depositing rock and gravel in its path for thousands of years. This well-drained soil results in reduced shoot growth, smaller leaves and smaller berries. The resulting Chardonnay has lively acidity, beautifully balanced by fresh flavors of ripe apple and pear, with hints of bold Meyer lemon and zesty tangerine.

Shaw Century Vines
This Zinfandel vineyard was planted in 1882, and shows all the bold, concentrated character of a celebrated old vine Zin year after year. This dry farmed block is special to Kunde Family Winery because it reflects our commitment to the old and the new, all in one vineyard. Over the years, we grafted new vines with the original bud wood, to keep our heritage Zinfandel program alive. The hallmark of Shaw Vineyard Zinfandel is fresh raspberry fruit with balanced acidity, supple tannins, and a hint of dark chocolate on the finish.

C.S. Ridge
Winemaker Zach Long describes the C.S. Ridge vineyard as windswept and wildly beautiful. This rocky northwestern-facing hilltop block is made up of rocky, well-drained soil, which strains and strengthens vine growth. Steady sun exposure and low vigor of this vineyard results in a classic age-worthy California Chardonnay—full-bodied, balanced and plush with bright flavors of ripe Fuji apple.

The Wildwood vineyard blocks are located on the south side of the estate, where rocky soil prevails. Like the Kinneybrook vineyard, this well-draining soil tends to dry up early in the growing season, resulting in smaller berries and lower yields. Chardonnay from this block has a slight lean, Old World character, with bold green apple flavors, balanced by structured minerality and crisp acidity.

Magnolia Lane
Magnolia Lane is home to some of the driest, rockiest soils on the estate, which generally dry out by mid-June each year. With such reduced water content, these vines have less shoot growth and smaller berries. These conditions coupled with varying sun exposure through leaf thinning, are the perfect combination for classic Sauvignon Blanc—vibrant fruit, grassy flavors and zesty acidity.

The Drummond Cabernet Sauvignon is a tribute to the Kunde family legacy. Its vines were first planted in 1879 by viticultural pioneer Captain John Drummond, who imported cuttings from the renowned Chateaux Margaux. Over a century later, these original bud wood vines thrive—among century-old olive trees—on top of Olive Hill, one of the highest and rockiest locations on the estate. Excellent sun exposure, well-drained volcanic soil and vine pedigree are the ideal combination for elegant, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.