Sustainable Winegrowing

As stewards of the land for five generations, we believe sustainable farming results in better, higher quality wine, and ensures the viability of our estate for generations to come. We are committed to a holistic winegrowing approach: nurturing the soil, respecting the native ecosystems on our property, and always working to reduce our environmental impact.

At Kunde Family Winery, sustainable practices are integrated into the daily routine of every department—from the vineyard to the tasting room. Sustainable winegrowing measures keep the vineyards and surrounding ecosystems in balance without the use of harsh chemicals. By promoting biodiversity on the estate, there is a more dynamic environment for growing strong, healthy vines. For example, the cover crops that we plant between vineyard rows are used for water conservation, erosion control, soil fertility, and beneficial insects. Nesting boxes and raptor perches are positioned throughout our vineyards to naturally control rodent populations. After grapes are pressed during harvest, we use grape skins for compost in our vineyards and gardens. Other examples of our holistic approach include dry farming, creek restoration, and public education.

Since 2005, Kunde Family Winery has been awarded a Green Business Program Certification from the Bay Area Green Business Program, and in 2008 received the state’s highest environmental honor, the Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for sustainable practices and facilities. The company is also Certified Sustainable by the Certified Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance for its grape growing and winemaking enterprises.