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Four Pepper Roast Beef


2 lbs. beef, center cut roast
1 T dried oregano leaves, crushed
1 T sweet paprika
1 T salt
1 T dried thyme leaves, crushed
1/2 T garlic powder
1/2 T ground black pepper
1/2 T onion powder
1/4 T ground red pepper
1/4 T ground white pepper


Heat oven to 425°F. In a small bowl, combine seasoning ingredients. Press evenly into surface of roast. Place on rack in a shallow roasting pan. Insert oven-proof meat thermometer so tip is centered in the thickest part of the beef. Roast for 35 to 40 minutes until medium rare. Remove roast when meat thermometer registers 135°F. Transfer roast to carving board; tent loosely with aluminum foil. Let stand 15 minutes. (Temperature will continue to rise approximately 10 degrees to reach 145°F. for medium rare.)

Carve roast into 1/2-in. thick slices.

Serve with:

Kunde Family Winery Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon