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Wild Duck Breast with Chili Glaze and Wild Rice


4 wild duck breasts
Salt and pepper
Long grain and wild rice – cooked and ready to serve

Chili Glaze

1/2 cup seasoned rice vinegar
2 tsp red chili flakes – more if you like it hot
2 cloves garlic – minced
1 T sweet yellow onion – minced
3/4 cup light brown sugar
1 T tomato paste
1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce
1/2 tsp kosher salt
1/4 cup butter


To prepare the glaze, bring the rice vinegar, chili flakes, garlic and onion to a medium simmer in a heavy sauce pot and reduce by half. Add the brown sugar, tomato paste, soy sauce, salt and bring it back to a full simmer for about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and whisk in the butter. Cover and keep warm to serve with the duck.

De-breast the wild duck and season the breasts with salt and pepper. Prepare your grill and place the duck breasts, skin side down, on the grill. Grill until the skin is crispy but not black. Turn the breasts over and grill for another 2 minutes or until the interior meat is light pink. Do not overcook! Remove from heat and cover with foil to keep warm until ready to serve.

When ready to plate, slice the duck breast thinly and serve over a bed of rice. Ladle a spoonful of the warm glaze over the top of the duck breast and serve immediately. Serves 6-8.

Serve with:

Kunde Family Winery Zinfandel